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:iconchivi-chivik::iconsaysplz: YES! :happybounce:

I remember when we got this game months ago. I remember I told myself "I will make an impressions journal when we 100% complete it".
Cue the last friday (22/5), when we managed to finish it... AT VERY GODEFFIN' LAST. :iconmanlytearsplz: (You will know how we felt about it below:below:)

Welp, now it's time for this game to be commented by me!! As always, tons of reaction .GIFs!! :dummy:
Remember, this is 99% subjective, and it's full of opinions. Don't take this as a critique.

Let's start!

:powerstar:General thought:powerstar:

I 100% recommend this game, but you better be a pro at platformers and have TONS of patience if you want to complete this game 100% ALONE. If you're like me and you've got the luck of having brothers/sisters/friends who can help you, then go ahead and get it! :D But you will suffer anyway (⊙‿⊙✿)

:powerstar:In depth:powerstar:


  • PEACH IS NOT KIDNAPPED IN A 3D PLATFORMER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MARIO HISTORY. The VERY FIRST time was in Super Mario Bros 2 (USA version), we all know that. They suuuure took time to repeat that.
  • The fact that every character has its own ability as in SMB2 is also great.
  • The Sprixies are PURE CUTENESS, full stop.

  • The multiplayer is perfection. Tons of time better than in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Don't get me wrong, in NSMBW it was also great, but this one's BETTER.
    • The wars to be the best and the one who gets the most points are hella funny. Yeah, you might swear to kill your partners but it's funny.
      • And since you can steal the crown from the one who gets the most points... We never reached that point, but whenever it fell because of X reasons...
  • The environments and levels are very colorful. Humans like colors, after all.
  • There are levels that are great and you won't stop replaying. I don't know how many times I've played Beep Block Skyway...
    You will understand this .gif when you play it.
  • THE. CAT. SUIT. That power-up is the best thing since the Tanooki suit (I'm probably overreacting, but it's just so great). Also, all the characters are soooo cute in it... NO WONDER why it had tons of popularity.
    • And let's not talk about the Lucky Cat Suit. :below:This is what will happen with you when you discover what it does. But it'll take some time before you can get your hands on it.
  • The Golden Express. Everytime you complete 25 levels (repeated or not), this train will await you at a certain place. It's GREAT to get tons of lives. Yeah, far easier to get than the Treasure Ship from SMB3. I recommend going there in multiplayer, so no coin escapes your hands.
  • The White Tanooki Suit is back, and I'm glad of it. Yeah, there's people who hates it, but I bet my ass that if they didn't put it they would still complain. Assholes.

  • World Bowser. I don't even know where does he get the moneys, or what the hell does that mean according to his psychology, but HELL DAMN. Get some sunglasses, you'll need them.
  • After what I went through and finshing the game, I'm GLAD the final battle's SO EASY. World Crown fucked me up.


This game couldn't go without dislikes...
  • The levels in the worlds aren't thematic. This means that just one or two levels fit the theme of the world, the rest don't. It was pretty disappointing...
  • The amount of lives you lose when playing in multiplayer is insane. More than 2000 lives were lost in our file because we played most times in multiplayer (and Champion's Road is a level to blame). That's basically because we don't go synchronized, but still...
    • And Nintendo did it again: When you finish the main game, they show you how many lives you've lost, and keep losing. And I'd prefer not to know that.

  • Why did Bowser kidnap the Sprixie Princesses, anyway? Because he wanted to rule over the Sprixie world? Because he wanted to lure Mario and his friends to this world for X reasons? Because he needed more moneys? The first one seems the most likely reason, but I'd like to know anyway.
  • 100% completing the game is a tedious and repetitive process. You MUST complete EVERY LEVEL with EACH CHARACTER, aside from getting all green stars and all golden flags (by getting 10000 points at their top). And you need to do this with ALL LEVELS from World 1 to World Flower to get World Crown. Imagine whoever had to do this all by themselves...

Star!Mystery House Marathon and Champion's RoadStar!

THEY DESERVE THEIR OWN SECTION. There will be a mix of likes, dislikes and random comments for these two. Specially for Champion's Road.
  • The nervousness while playing these two levels is indescribable. Specially when you're at some part you can't complete, OR you just completed that part, OR you're at some part you've never seen before.
  • Good luck trying to complete them all alone. Specially the Mystery House Marathon. 30 whopping green stars all in a row is not normal.
    • Good luck trying to 100% complete them all alone. Doing each one with each character one by one is a REAL CHALLENGE. I've been so lucky of having my brothers by my side...
  • Champion's Road is TOO UNFAIR. 500 seconds, no checkpoints, no power-ups and a promise of lots of life loss. I suffered more in here than in the hardest level of Yoshi's Island.

    • Each part of the level is a challenge and it becomes more and more and more challenging the more you go through it.
    • WHY they had to put the Beep Block part?! They're the hardest beep blocks you'll ever step on. You better be Peach for them.
    • The hardest part for us was the one with the boost pads and those stupid burners. We literally shouted and groaned of pain twice when we reached that point and lost. Because it's the last hard part of the level, and losing means RESTART from part 1.

  • After all the hardships, the last part of the level is beautiful. I won't spoil you this.

  • Once you know how to complete these levels, they won't be a huge problem anymore. Me and my brothers did it in the first try after 100% completing it. And it was our 3rd time of reaching the end.

Aaaaaaaaaaad that's it. :meow:
Thanks for reading!

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I'm an artist who wants to become professional someday. :)
I love mass-media art, videogaming, computers, game music and etc. etc.
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Thanks for reading.

And now, comment :aww:


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