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The next journal should be the one about some secret original fiction of mine, but I gotta be sure a last time: Do you really want to know about my OF? Remember what will happen if there's no general interest. 

15 deviants said YES! :eager::la:
2 deviants said Nope ^^;


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More Webcam

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:iconchivi-chivik::iconsaysplz: This is what it is. This is the journal I've been avoiding to make long time ago, just because the same watchers/friends of mine showed actual interested in my Original Fiction. :unimpressed:...
:dummy: Well but now that I'm here I better start with this!

Many artists end up having loads of ideas for OF, even if some of them are merged with others or never see the light of day. I'm one of those artists. :D
Today, the delayed and procrastinated will happen. I will show brief info about two OF of mine, with the EXTRA! of a preview image. The preview images are pretty sketchy, basically because they're on an early stage ^^;. And, SURPRISE! They're kids media (that is, +7 or +10)!! Uncommon in my stories! :wow:
Now that you know that, let's start!! :boogie:

Which I'll show first?! :drumroll: 
The oldest idea, meh!


MM Preview by Chivi-chivik

General info:

  • Genre: Science Fiction, Magical Girl, Slice of Life
  • Planned to be: Comic

Did you ever wish to be a Magical Girl? To cast colorful spells and defeat enemies? To get dressed with cute and cool dresses? We grant you that wish. Welcome to MahossMagic.

In a future time on Earth, a Japanese company under the name of Mahoss created a real-life virtual game known as MahossMagic, where anybody, male or female, can become a magical person and create their magical warrior group so they can fight against other players, get into competitions, get into magical fashion contests, earn lots of experience and win tangible prizes. Just buy your starter pack if you're alone, or a Mahowatch alone if you've got a group already and start playing!

The game became so successful that they localized it almost worldwide, being a selling success wherever it was sold. Obviously, it also had success where our main four characters live. Since it looked so cool, the kids wanted to create their own group and start their long journey to their success at MahossMagic.

My babbling:

As much as I love technology that doesn't even exist, I have to put as much as I can of it in my stories even if it's just for worldbuilding. And I gotta admit this story is one I love.
I also gotta be honest here: I always liked the idea of having magic, even if I had to be a magical warrior or something. And I said: A game about magical girls...? ... and everything went rolling and being created from there.
Many things are already established since, well, it's like I'm developing programs and events and a whole game! :D However, I gotta make this interesting, and not fall into the typical shit of "we only see kids progressing". There has to be cooler things!
But for the moment, this is on stand-by, because I'm developing other things. ^^;
What's next?

:star:-BETA NAME-Neon Witch:star:

This one has no definitive title yet, so I give you that one for the moment. :meow:

Preview by Chivi-chivik

General info:

  • Genre: Fantasy + Magical Realism, Magical Girl, Slice of Life
  • Planned to be: Comic

If you ever find something weird that shines by itself, DON'T TOUCH IT.

Because of an accident with some gem-like magical trinkets, the main 7 now have to learn how to be witches and control the magic powers they got. All commands from a real witch who came to our world so no human would put their hands on those trinkets, and now forced to shift from police inspector to instructor of these kids.
All of this should be for the greater good... but that's what we think.

My babbling:

To be honest, this idea is really new. I don't have a title, I still don't know if the human characters will have something drawn in their eyes, and I lack tons of designs. But who cares? :laughing:... ^^;
*ahem*, I came with this idea thinking of shows I like or kinda like. Also, it was another excuse to use magical girls again. :XD:
Anyway, this is getting better the more I develop this, but I'll have to stop soon. There are more urgent things to develop and finish. ;)

So... that's it. I already showed what I had to show. There are other stories, but since I canceled them or I don't know if I'll ever make them I just choose not to show them.
It's been funny while it lasted...

KIDDING! Here's a little bonus for you all!

I was actually not going to show this one, but then I told to myself "Meeeeeeh" and I did it! :D

:star:Original Equilibrium:star:

There go my lovely humanoids!! :dummy:

OE Preview by Chivi-chivik

General info:

  • Genre: Surreal, Psychological Thriller, Urban Fantasy
  • Planned to be: Unknown

"Why are you blue?"
"The same I could ask about your black colour."

The world is only made of shades of grey, even the people who inhabits it is grey. Enter our main character, who shows a completely abnormal black colour and has plenty of physical and magic abilities. Even if that is as weird as it sounds, xe just doesn't care, causing many problems, even legally questionable ones, in the huge metropolis xe lives. The only thing that matters is to have fun, right?
Everything was fine until one day, escaping from the authorities as xe's used to, xe finds somebody with a similar weird feature as xirs: a different colour, only that hers is blue.

My babbling:

Aaaaaaaand we go back to my +16 fiction. =P Sorry not sorry, it's easier to me to make these stories :laughing:
Anyway, THIS is what happens when the only inspiration you got are things that you found on street casually. Weird shit happens, weird shit is developed, weird shit is thought of. It's so weird I have no clue of what format I could make this. It won't be a videogame, but it could be a 100% linear visual novel (that's too story-oriented to be a videogame), a comic, a comic with animation (like DA's motion books or something like that) or something like Homestuck that has a completely different and unexpected format. Who knows, because I don't. I don't even know if I should make this for free or not. :|
Also, more weirdness is found in that this is highly experimental. I will probably treat with shit I never touched before... :paranoid: Anyway, there it is. :laughing:

That's it, but now for real! I hope that... you enjoyed this? Yeah, I hope so. :)

Thans for reading.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Anything I can listen to
  • Reading: Homestuck, tutorials and interesting stuff
  • Watching: The Simpsons, APM?
  • Playing: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.
  • Eating: stuff... good stuff...
  • Drinking: Arizona Tea and water


Madoussou T.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm Chivi-chivik M@ngaka!
Formerly Chivi-chivik 'the Toadstool'. Now Chivi-chivik 'the Elderan'.
Secondary account: :iconchivi-chivikstampity:


I'm an artist who wants to become professional someday. :)
I love mass-media art, videogaming, computers, game music and etc. etc.
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I sell t-shirts about PSI in MOTHER, go here!: (in spanish) / (in english)


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I have another lil' bro, btw.

    Luigi, Toadette (Mario series)
    Lloyd, Jeff, Picky, Ness, Lucas, Claus (MOTHER series)
    Kirby, Meta Knight (Kirby series)
    Courtyard Droll / Clubs Deuce (Homestuck)

    Draconian Dignitary/Diamonds Droog (Homestuck)
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    Waluigi, Fawful, Dimentio (Mario series)
    Garnet (Steven Universe)
    Mami Tomoe (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
    Senketsu, Mako (Kill la Kill )
    And so many Homestuck characters I don't even wanna list them yet (Homestuck)


The Marioverse

More fandoms I'm in sometimes -but they're not in the top list:


IMs and e-mails (just use them if you have something important to tell me)


Webpages and social networks

Tumblr: Chivi-chivik (My main blog. It's just to have fun on tumblr)
Twitter: @Chivichivik (abandoned)


Comments I tend to get: ANSWERED


:bulletred:"Thanks for the fav!"
Me: You're welcome. :)

:bulletred:"Thanks for the llama!"
Me: You're welcome. (;) You could give me one back *nudge nudge*)

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Me: You're welcome. :)

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Me: :yawn: Nah... I don't take suggestions. Unless they're massive suggestions I can do.

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No. I just can make you a tutorial or a guide. :nod: Check the Donate widget for more info.

:bulletred:"So... do you make commissions?"
:lol: Check the Donate widget to see if I'm available for them. Info's also there.


Thanks for reading.

And now, comment :aww:


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Chivi-chivik Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can always go to my Gallery and check my folders :meow:
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