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Stamp_Anti-stupid Slenderman fangirls by Chivi-chivik Stamp_Anti-stupid Slenderman fangirls by Chivi-chivik
'Let's make things clear. Slenderman is NOT your friend/boyfriend/lover/true love. You are in love of [sic] him. HE'S NOT. He'd kill you. So please... STOP saying he's your significant other. Because HE ISN'T.'

EDIT 2017: This is from when I liked creepypastas. I hated seeing the fangirl movement doing crazy shit, so I did this. Nowadays I don't give a shit about this matter.

FAQs/Common comments:

  • Who's Slenderman? A creation for a creepy-themed contest from SomethingAwful forums that got extremely popular online.
  • THANK YOU!!/GREAT STAMP/something like this! You're welcome, thanks and you're great too :D
  • You wrote it wrong! It's "in love WITH him"!! You're the 2394th person who reminded me this, so I already know. I'm too lazy to change that now.

:pencil:How to use stamps:
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  2. Paste it wherever you want like this: ":thumbXXXXXX:" ("XXXXXX" being the numeral code)

Done in PS CS5.
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October 5, 2012
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