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Stamp_Anti-stupid Slenderman fangirls by Chivi-chivik Stamp_Anti-stupid Slenderman fangirls by Chivi-chivik

'Let's make things clear. Slenderman is NOT your friend/boyfriend/lover/true love. You are in love of him. HE'S NOT. He'd kill you. So please... STOP saying he's your significant other. Because HE ISN'T.'

Long time I don't make a stamp! :D
:| This is somehting I had to do. I see too much douchebaggery out there.

LAST EDIT: I've been handling lots of comments with nonsense... (I liked the good comments and I appreciate you support though). But still.
I'm disabling comments. Oh, and don't try to send me messages about this NOR THIS STAMP. I'm tired. You can't comfort me either.

EDIT 1: SHIT I GOT ON THE MAIN PAGE!! I'm so fucking happy right now!! :iconiloveyouplz:

EDIT 2: Some people has told me that it's written "In love WITH you". :nod: Thanks for teaching me. :( Now please stop. I'm still learning english.

EDIT 3: Yes, this is on a group called 'SlenderFriends'. I'm from this group, and I put this there by myself. I'm just in groups for exposure, really. :iconsadnodplz:

EDIT 4: HERE ARE SOME ANSWERS TO MANY COMMENTS I'VE RECEIVED. Also I should correct my last comment:

-- Who's Slenderman? This:…

--THANK YOU!!/GREAT STAMP/something like this! You're welcome, thanks and you're great too :D

-- Is this really a thing? YES. Go to the internet. You'll se it. :(

--I didn't know that! Now you know. :|

-- How somebody can love someone as him? (Or something like that) EVERYTHING HAS FANS. THERE ARE LOTS OF OPINIONS AND LIKES. I like him, for example.

-- I love him, but not in that way. SAME.

-- I just find this insane fangirlism annoying/bothersome/whatever. SAME!

--How can you love him? These are my fucking likes and loves. But I'm aware that he won't me mine EVER.

--He's a -insert a description of him here- Likes. LIKES. LIKES!! You like things, they like things. That's all.

-- He's not real! So aren't some of the things you like -probably-. Also, he could be perfectly if he's a creepypasta -despite coming from internet :XD:- But still. This is not a valid complaint.

-- I agree! (Or something like that) Glad you think the same :aww:

-- I like to think that he's my friend/whatever. If it's for FUN, there's NO problem. I'm talking about people who takes this seriously.

--It's just a joke. NO. YOU'RE BEING SO INCREDULOUS. It' isn't. Otherwise I'd never bothered of making this stamp.

-- You're exaggerating/Leave them think whatever/This is pointless/You can't stop them/something like that.I CAN COMPLAIN AS WELL, RIGHT? Also, you didn't understand anything, so I'll just say: Thanks for contributing in more succes for me, because I don't care. It's MY OPINION, NOT YOURS. You can't make me shut up. As I can't make you shut up -pitifully-. Okay?!

-- That's not being Mary Sueish! You DON'T know what a Mary sue can be. Check it out on the internet. If you put yourself or create a character for ONLY fulfill your desires, that's being Mary Sueish. Putting yourself for only fun or because you want to be a character it's not Mary Sueish.
ALSO, BEING MARY SUEISH AND TO BE A REAL MARY SUE IT'S NOT THE SAME. Mary Sueish it's acting like one, Mary Sue is an actual one. *sighs*

:bulletred:And if you want to know: I LOVE Slenderman, but HE'S NOT MY FRIEND/LOVER/WHATEVER. He'd kill me. I know that. :( I just would try to stalk him, but he'd notice me someday and kill me.

:bulletblack:NOTE: IF AFTER LOOKING AT THIS STAMP YOU SAY ME SOMEHTING LIKE: "You don't know anything he's my -insert significant other status here-" OR "Why don't you shut up?" OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT, YOU'LL BE SHOWING ME THAT YOU'RE A MARY SUEISH PATHETIC FANGIRL.

Done in PS CS5.
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October 5, 2012
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