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Stamp_Posers are the problem in gaming fandom by Chivi-chivik Stamp_Posers are the problem in gaming fandom by Chivi-chivik
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I got into a stamp feel these days! :XD:
This is another thing I must take out from my chest. :X

NOTE: DON'T tell me which posers do you know, 'cause I don't care and it's not my business.

"There are NOT 'real gamers' and 'gamers'/there are 'gamers' and 'POSERS'".

I'm pretty much TIRED of people going like "asdfgh I'm a real gamer blah blah". No, just no.
There are NO RULES on how to be a fucking real gamer. Moreover, if we were putting rules, I'd put the rule of "or you have knowledge about the stuff you play or you're not a real gamer" and since I know many gamers lack of that knowledge, this rule is STUPID (I like knowing stuff though, but this is irrelevant at the moment).
Let's face it, we shouldn't divide people between 'real gamers' and 'gamers', we should divide them between 'gamers' and 'posers'.
But, what is a "poser", anyway?

A poser is someone who fakes being something that they aren't. Let's say someone who claims to be gamer just because they have a console they never touch. That's NOT a gamer, obviously. A gamer is someone who plays, likes and enjoys games, and that's all.

Posers can also be found in other likes and fandoms, so BEWARE.

Done in PS CS5.
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December 7, 2013
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