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June 28, 2011
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The Ultimate Meme's Meme by Chivi-chivik The Ultimate Meme's Meme by Chivi-chivik
-VERY HUGE DEV: strict download for full view and for complete it-
Here it is:

:star:The Ultimate Meme's Meme!!:star: :iconiwantitplz:

I REALLY wanted to do this!! :iconiloveitmoreplz:
I know there are memes of memes here in DA, but I haven't seen one with 32 memes!!

I have got them all from Cuanto Cabrón, the spanish website that resembles to webs like fuuucomics. That web is AWESOME!! (just for people that understand spanish) --> [link]
But most of the memes are from other webpages, but some appeared in that website.
You can show me your done memes, but never submit this blank in DA or claim it as yours, cuz I'll find you!! :iconfearmeplz:
EDIT: I have to submit my example soon. :)
:bulletred: I'm sure you don't know some of these memes, so I'm going to explain them (of course I'm not going to explain memes such the rage guy! :)). And, If you don't know a meme, let me know!!

-Okay...: It's a meme that resigns itself. Where other memes show rage or something, it shows resignation.
-Troll Dad: As its name says, it's a dad that always trolls his daughter/son/wife/etc.
-Yao Ming: That meme never minds of the situation or is going to do the opposite of what has said. It's from a press conference where Yao Ming did that face while he was laughing.
-Me Gusta: The translation of this is "I like it/this". This meme likes something that has happened to it, it can be a normal or a nasty experience, but it likes it.
-That's suspicious: This meme suspects something that happens in that moment.
-Y u no:This meme always awares people while complaining. It can be used for just complain too. That face is from the chapter 55 of Gantz, Naked King, published in 2002.
-Puke rainbows: That meme pukes rainbows when it has seen an extremely romantic situation.
-Everything went better than expected: As it's says, that's a meme that was going to expect a not so good experience, and it finished to being a good or better one.
-Are you fucking kidding me: That face is made when you are very surprised of the human stupidity, asking if people is really kidding you.
-It's something: This meme always conforms with the plan B of something it had expected.
-Aaww yea: This meme is used for show an explosion of happiness and joy of something that has happened. Its face is the face of J. Jonah Jameson, the boss of Peter Parker from the film Spideman 2.
-Feel like an ninja: This meme feels like a ninja when it makes/does something that nobody has seen or felt.
-It's free: This meme expresses joy when something it's free. Its face is from the face of Carlos Latre imitating Nuñez in a gag of the spanish program 'Crackòvia' in TV3.
-Mentira...: Translated as "It's/That's a lie", it expresses sadness when they tell it something that saddens it, thinking that it's a lie.
-Feel like a sir: This meme is very elegant and it always uses an educated speech. Sometimes it's related with old and/or classy things.
-Pat Bateman: Is just the chara that represents Christian Bale in 'American Psycho'. It's used when someone is going to 'kill' other one for something that they have said/done/etc.
-Sí claro: Translated as "Yes, of course", It's used when someone is going to do the opposite or a different thing of something that other guy expected, normally being a nasty thing.
-Oh god what have I done: This meme expresses contrition of somehting that it has done.
-Nothing to do here: This meme escapes of a situation with its jetpack.
-Why Not?: This meme always thinks on masturbating when it has the chance, but it can be used for some other things.
-Freak/Geek: It'sa just a freak/geek/etc. that thinks/does/says/etc. something that is related to freaks (as read manga, wear a Star Wars outfit, make jokes with computer stuff, etc.)
Done in Photoshop.
Memes used here (c) their owners
Meme (c) Me!!
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SaraL0UISE Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I did this meme as a fun exercise to improve expressions, but I ended up changing some of the meme faces. Can I still upload it, or should I have stuck to your layout? Be honest, if you think it's not OK I won't upload it. If you don't mind I will of course credit you
Chivi-chivik Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Upload it anyway ÚwÙ it's your work after all
umbrella4c Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
cool !!
thank you 
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Wow this is cool!
Shimi34 Featured By Owner May 22, 2013   General Artist
Done! XD

Chivi-chivik Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconiloveitmoreplz: Thanks for doing my meme!!
Shimi34 Featured By Owner May 22, 2013   General Artist
You're welcome! ^-^
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